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Eventually whenever I say “I want to do M Tech”, then suddenly the other person asks “Why? Do you want to be a teacher?” This kind of Questions I faced and got much unexpected response in the name of higher studies as if one is of no use. How many of you have faced the same? Well! I wander how society can think about the tag of ‘Masters’ as if the candidate is below average if he/she is thinking is going for the same. I guess the value and importance of M Tech is quite lower in our society and hence the value of education. Do we really need to promote the same? Is only teaching career possible after M Tech? Do you think only unemployed candidates go for it?

Well! We need to grow up if this is the case. M Tech degree holder can pursue PHD which MBA holder cannot. Masters (for IIT) do not need any sought of experience which MBA (for IIM) need. M Tech entertains much better job profiles than B Tech. Bachelors are involved in activities like those of coding, searching Google and copy pasting the code, system testing, documentation work of typing and preparing reports etc.. Just think you are coder and any MNC has 1000’s of coders and you are one among 1000’s. Master can go for much better profile including preparing new ideas and presentations, managerial level in terms of designing and maintenance. Maintenance is the most important and interesting job profile as you will get a lot to learn due to implementation of new technologies. Masters sets the best eligibility criteria for lecturer-ship in any of the government college with the starting pay scale of 30,000 to 40,000 per month.

Lecturer-ship job is much peaceful than the company job. Fixed timing from 10 to 4 will do and moreover with development of new technologies, you will get a lot to learn. But private sector job is quite hectic. In PSU’s or government sector company job, you may get fixed timings of 10 to 4 but won’t get much growth in your core field especially in CSE/IT. Note that if you are Bachelors, then your increment will be but obvious less than that of increment of Masters. Finally you can analyze your salary package after 10 years. So, now the decision is up-to you. GOOD LUCK!


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  1. nice article muskan.

  2. Excellent post.

  3. really praiseworthy..

  4. thanx for the article…..

  5. True indeed. Nice article.

  6. yes.. this was 3-4 years back.. but now i think everyone is realizing the truth and going towards masters. The competition is increasing.. (>.<)

  7. very nice article . . .
    Every one should pramot this
    thanks muskan

  8. yes, my parents and friends always ask me whether i want to be a professor.. they don’t understand

  9. very nice article…Er.Muskaan & chirag u both r doing a great job for engineers by guiding them at very crucial stage of their life by posting these type of awesome articles….Keep it up…

  10. I am planning for because infosys has given joining date of 17Jun2013… and the other company in which i was placed ‘keane-india’ have not even responded about joining..

  11. amazing article….loved it…!!

  12. Excellent article Er. Muskan. My personal experience says the same thing too… Its good to meet someone of same line of thinking. Nice article… :)

  13. thnks muskan….
    article is good n vry needful…
    evry1 ask same questions even BE students lso ask same … bt aftr reading dis article dey ill understnd d diffrnc… good job…

  14. This article was truly needed…. Thnx

  15. well done …
    very much positive for me :) :)

  16. One nice article is more added in ER.MUSKAN articles. Very nice and true.

  17. Can anyone advice me??Which one to choose Mtech at IIT patna for mtech or NIT surathkal for mtech(research)???My friends are divided some sayg Brand tag some sayg Ranking of surathkal…please what you people say

  18. very nice article., but small correction. even an mba degree holder can do Phd .


    • After MBA, if you want to do PHD in your technical subject , then you will undergo 5 years program which you can do even after B Tech (integrated).
      But PHD as of after M Tech is of 3.5 years minimum

  19. Another Good article I m Sure it’ll put MUSKAN(Smile) for every Gate Qualifier.

  20. Nice article….

  21. really nice and quite impressive article.thanx for that…go for masters..

  22. really nice & helpful article.. thanku

  23. really true but things 4 cs/it people are vry diff….. we have vry less opportunities in psu….. :( i hate this thing alot and guys u kno y cs/it people r not getting tht good mnc jobs bcoz mtech generally reduces th domain of operation tht leads to lesser job opportunities….

    thn if we look towards educational sector thn cs/it people r in bst position bcoz of reduced competition in comparison to other branches bcoz cs/it people prefer corporate than educational sector… thts y there r very less mtechs n phds in cs dept want to be in educational fields….

    1 thing tht i would like to object is that only mtech guys do high end techi jobs in cs/it is not true but it is true r core branches…. in cs/it only a domain specialist has importance n tht level of responsibilities doesn’t mattr he/she is mtech or btech or bca or even diploma holder…..

  24. guys don’t think of society…… do wat u want……. if u want to b a proff thn go for that do ur phd and i can bet u ll get better salary than a 3-4 yrs exp corporate guy…….

  25. Right said harshit…..

  26. Hi All,
    Please anyone can tell me is there any state quota for mtech in NITs

  27. Right harshit ji……
    First try to Workhard.

  28. i have done MSc physics……………….is it useful to do M tech now for me?please reply…….

  29. thats great sir …but after completion of my programme i would to proceed my life towards politics … should i go there?
    plz leave me a reply

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