Reference books for ECE

Reference books for ECE

Reference books for ECE

1. Optical fiber communication Optical fiber communication SENIOR
2. Measurement and Instrumentation Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation A.K.Sawhney
Electronic Instrumentation H.S. Kalsi
3. Electrical Engineering Material Electrical Engineering Material S.P.Sethi
4. Network Theory Network & Systems D. Roy Chaudhury
Engineering Circuit Analysis Hayt
5. Microwave Engg. Microwave Devices & Circuits Liao
Microwave Engineering Sanjeev Gupta
Microwave Engineering pozar
Microwave & Radar Engg M.Kulkarni
6. Computer Engineering Microprocessor Architecture, Programming & Application Ramesh S. Gaonkar
Computer Organisation and Structure stalling
Microprocessor & Interfacing Douglas V Hall
Computer Architecture & Organisation Morris Mano
7. Digital Electronics Digital Design M. Morris Mano
Digital Systems Tocci & Widmer
Mordern Digital Electonics R.P.Jain
8. Electro Magnetic Theory Elements of Electromagnetics Sadiku
Engineering of Electromagnetics W.H.Hayt
Antenna & Wave Propagation K.D. Prasad
Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics N.N.Rao
9. Control System Control System Engg I.J.Nagrath & M.Gopal
Automatic Control System B.C.kuo
Linear Control System B.S.Manke
10. Monochrome and Colour Television Monochrome and Colour Television R.R.Gulati
11. Satellite Communications Satellite Communications Pratt & Bostian
12. Signal and Systems Signal and Systems Oppenheim and Willsky
13. Communication System Communication System Simon Haykins
An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communication Simon Haykins
Communication: Analog & Digital Singh and Sapre
Mordern Digital and Analog Communication System B.P. Lathi
Electronic Communication Systems Kennedy and Davis
14. EDC Integrated Electronics: Analog & Digital Circuit & System Jacob Millman & Christos C. Halkias
Microelectronic Circuits Sedra and Smith
Electronic Devices & Circuits J.B.Gupta
OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit Ramakant A Gayakwad
Solid State electronic Devices Streetman and Banerjee
Semiconductor devices S.M.Sze

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4 Responses

  1. I just read the TDSB explanation for these prromags. That is exactly what we were asking for at the meeting where we couldn’t get any answers. We wanted to know what criteria has to exist for these kids to be in this program. The DPCDSB should pick up some tips with regards to communication from TDSB. For a program that has been around for 20 years there sure isn’t a lot of information available.


  3. this is very help ful to me. thank sir


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