Gatehelpdesk is a Community of Engineers and Group of various Educational Institutes is an initiative to promote Higher Education and Engineering in India.It has been started by a group of Some Engineering students who are graduated from different Engineering Colleges. The motive is to provide a platform to Students to discuss different issues related to Higher education ,Engineering Regarding Problems and Industry work experience by bringing them together with Alumni, who are working in different areas of society. It also focus on resolving Students’ Pre and Post GATE Examination Queries and providing them Bias Free Scenario of different Engineering Institutes. we are also provide various engineering help like as techfest, workshop, trainings, jobs, projects, and any other latest technologies /news .

Important subjects for Gate(IN)

Analysis of Gate 2012:

S.No. Subject Percentage
1. Network 16%
2. GA 15%
3. Maths 15%
4. Control 14%
5. Transducers 12%
6. S & S 7%
7. Analog 5%
8. Digital + M.P. 5%
9. Measurement 5%
10. AN, OP 3%
11. BI 3%

All Notifications/Recruitment

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